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>> I would like to know which magic switch behind a single cable receiving only 
>> one polarization/band allows feeding multiple tuners with independent 
>> signals. ;-)
> There is no "magic", you probably should read up on switches I guess.

I did and all satellite switches I know need 4 individual inputs, each 
providing one combination of polarization and band. So good look using a switch 
behind a single cable providing one combination of these 4 at one time.

Maybe you are referring to signal splitters to provide one cable to multiple 
tuners, but these limit the received signal to the same combination of 
polarization and band for all of these tuners. And that is exactly the use case 
the device bonding is made for to get the most out of this limitation.

I know that there are ways (OneCable and such) to provide individual signals to 
different tuners via one single cable. But this requires special switches in 
the infrastructure of a building the renter of an apartment is usually not able 
to change.

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