I just experienced weird problem. My hard drive became 100% full.

But I noticed that there are tons of .del directories, some dating
from months ago.. VDR hasn't removed them! What could cause this?

I see entries in log:
low disk space while recording, trying to remove a deleted recording...
Jan 16 08:23:06 puucee vdr: [30504] removing recording xxx.del

And these recordings ARE removed really. But the normal background
cleaning does not happen.

This is somehow related to the fact that I now have Plex Media Server
sitting on the VDR recordings directory. But still I could remove the
.del directories easily from the command line. After manually deleting
them, disk is now only 85% full.. And that's 4TB drive. :) So there
were quite a bit of .del directories.

Teemu Suikki

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