Klaus Schmidinger kirjoitti 17.01.2018 klo 11:59:
On 16.01.2018 19:44, Teemu Suikki wrote:

I just experienced weird problem. My hard drive became 100% full.

This is somehow related to the fact that I now have Plex Media Server
sitting on the VDR recordings directory. But still I could remove the
.del directories easily from the command line. After manually deleting
them, disk is now only 85% full.. And that's 4TB drive. :) So there
were quite a bit of .del directories.

Do you have anything going on that causes frequent "user ineraction" with

I had a similar problem some time ago (I don't remember how many years, but with vdr 2.2.0).  I reported on this mailing list then, but I did not find that email with a short search, now.

My video directory is nfs-mounted to a raspberry pi running another vdr.  In my case, I have not changed the configuration in any way, but despite of daily usage, this has not reoccurred.  So either some other patch fixed the problem for me, or this is some extremely rarely happening race condition type thing.


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