On 19.01.2018 18:48, Teemu Suikki wrote:
I'm starting to think that maybe my problem IS caused entirely by this
softhddevice bug. Because my softhddevice keep freezing quite
frequently, I have added a shutdown command that detaches softhddevice
and leaves vdr running. And then when I watch something, I'm pressing
buttons and using menus and there might be timers recording etc, so
vdr never becomes idle enough to do the housekeeping?

I tried to understand the code, but I'm having difficulties. :) in
vdr.c, only place that sets LastInteract is this:

         Interact = Menu ? Menu : cControl::Control(); // might have
been closed in the mean time
         if (Interact) {
            LastInteract = Now;
            eOSState state = Interact->ProcessKey(key);
            if (state == osUnknown && Interact != cControl::Control()) {

So.. Does this mean that softhddevice's dummy player has menu open all
the time? softhddevice.cpp doesn't have really anything menu-related
in the dummy player, all those methods must be inherited from main vdr

Only thing that looks suspicious is this, dummy player's ProcessKey:

eOSState cSoftHdControl::ProcessKey(eKeys key)
     if (SuspendMode == SUSPEND_NORMAL && (!ISMODELESSKEY(key)
             || key == kMenu || key == kBack || key == kStop)) {
         delete Player;

         Player = NULL;
         SuspendMode = NOT_SUSPENDED;
         return osEnd;
     return osContinue;

Should it really return osContinue all the time?

As long as a cPlayer (or a cReceiver, for that matter) is attached to
a cDevice, VDR will not perform its housekeeping tasks. This is to
avoid any problems during replay or recording, possibly caused by
heavy disk access.


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