One more comment about the test package version.  Most likely, the package
version will be the same version as the VDSM package version.  The rule we
need to consider is: Should we keep the back compatibility with the VDSM
files? Say allow newer version test package running on older VDSM files? Or
just allow run the same version of test package and VDSM package.


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On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 05:24:29PM +0800, wenchao xia wrote:
> Hello,
>   vdsm now have UT suits for developer, but sometimes building and
> installation machine is not the same one, and additional check is need
> which is ignored at building time, so I think some test cases should be
> also run on target machine to check potential errors, Then I want to
> introduce a sub package as VT suits.
> Purpose:
>   UT: for developers, more likely a white box, running on building
> environment.
>   VT: for user and deployment, more likely a black box, running on
>  product or testing environment, all known issue should be covered.
> Supposed approach:
>   1 modify building system to generate package: vdsm-VT.rpm.

I would prefer the package name 'vdsm-test.rpm' and this package should
unit tests and verification tests.

>   2 install as an option, after install, user type "vdsm-VT" would make
> the test begin.

The test runner should be able to run the full suite of unit tests and
verification tests (with an option to run only unit tests or only
tests).  This can be the same program that we use in the build environment
except that it will set the PYTHONPATH differently to target the installed

> Planned details:
>   1 Going to place cases in vdsm project in ./tests/VT.
>   2 On installation will move some useful UT cases into VT.

If you follow my approach above, you would simply package the whole tests/
directory and no copying would be necessary.

>   3 use same framework UT used.
>   4 two sub dir in test/VT: user_case_test;general_test.

What is the difference between these two types of tests?

>   It is just a scratch from my mind, so I'd like hear your opinions.

Thanks for the idea!  Do you have a sample test for the verification test
Will it be your pipe deadlock test?

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