Added Saggi, Ayal, Federico into this loop.  And got two comments below.

there is already a wiki page about hsm service standalone.

And now I'm trying to split hsm as a standalone rpm according to the wiki proposal.

as the wiki describe:
V)The configuration parameters in vdsm.conf should be pull out to another hsm.conf file. And all VDSM process should not read hsm.conf directly. If it is necessary to get the HSM configurations, an API will be added into VDSM process for hsm configuration querying

I have split the the vdsm/ and submit a patch I moved 'irs'section from vdsm/ to a new vdsm/storage/ for hsm But some of vdsm python module need to get configure items form 'irs'section, such as vdsm/, vdsm/
I moved vdsm/storage/ to site-packages/hsm when install hsm.
And I import all the items form 'irs'section, by "from hsm import config as hsmconfig"
Is it a good way to split the

Also I have split the the and submit a patch And should I create a new "hsm" user for the DISKIMAGE_USER instead of "vdsm" user?

as the wiki describe:
VII) All of the python modules shared by both VDSM service and HSM service should go into python site-packages directory which is like /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vdsm Now, doesn't sit in this directory, we should fix it in this proposal.

Task model is only for storage service now. We have plan to make task models to all VDSM service. So it is reasonable to move into site-packages directory.

about the site-packages directory, there are three proposals.
1. VDSM service and HSM service share the same site-packages directory, still used site-packages/vdsm and that means there will be still a vdsm-python rpm, and both vdsm and hsm depends on them. 2. VDSM service and HSM service share the same site-packages directory, but it will renamed as used site-packages/hsm Now most codes of hsm and vdsm import modules from site-packages vdsm, so all of they should be fixed. 3. VDSM service depend on vdsm-python rpm, and HSM service depend on hsm-python rpm. I need to re-sort the public modules to hsm-python or vdsm-python rpm. such as,, BetterPopen and
which is better of the above three?

Packaging HSM site package files into a another new package other than vdsm-python package doesn't prevent those files contained into a same targeting package. So at least we can do, two different package say, vdsm-core-python, vdsm-storage-python and the files in them are targeting the same directory /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vdsm.

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