HSM is not a package it's an application. Currently it and the rest of VDSM 
share the same process but they use RPC to communicate. This is done so that 
one day we can actually have them run as different processes.
HSM is not something you import, it's a daemon you communicate with.

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> > There are a bunch of precondition to having HSM pulled out.
> > On simple things is that someone needs to go through
> > storage/misc.py and utils.py and move all the code out to logical
> > packages.
> > There also needs to be a bit of a rearrangement of the code files
> > so they can import the reusable code properly.
> > 
> > I am also still very much against putting core VDSM in to
> > site-packages.
> Would you elaborate on your position? Do you mind the wrong
> implications
> this may give about API stability?
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