There are a bunch of precondition to having HSM pulled out.
On simple things is that someone needs to go through storage/ and and move all the code out to logical packages.
There also needs to be a bit of a rearrangement of the code files so they can 
import the reusable code properly.

I am also still very much against putting core VDSM in to site-packages.

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> Subject: [vdsm] [VDSM][RFC] hsm service standalone
> there is already a wiki page about hsm service standalone.
> And now I'm trying to split hsm as a standalone rpm according to the
> wiki proposal.
> as the wiki describe:
> V)The configuration parameters in vdsm.conf should be pull out to
> another hsm.conf file. And all VDSM process should not read hsm.conf
> directly. If it is necessary to get the HSM configurations, an API
> will
> be added into VDSM process for hsm configuration querying
> I have split the the vdsm/ and submit a patch
> I moved 'irs'section from vdsm/ to a new
> vdsm/storage/
> for hsm
> But some of vdsm python module need to get configure items form
> 'irs'section, such as vdsm/, vdsm/
> I moved vdsm/storage/ to site-packages/hsm when install hsm.
> And I import all the items form 'irs'section, by "from hsm import
> config
> as hsmconfig"
> Is it a good way to split the
> Also I have split the the and submit a patch
> And should I create a new "hsm" user for the DISKIMAGE_USER instead
> of
> "vdsm" user?
> as the wiki describe:
> VII) All of the python modules shared by both VDSM service and HSM
> service should go into python site-packages directory which is like
> /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vdsm Now, doesn't sit in
> this
> directory, we should fix it in this proposal.
> about the site-packages directory, there are three proposals.
> 1. VDSM service and HSM service share the same site-packages
> directory,
> still used site-packages/vdsm
> and that means there will be still a vdsm-python rpm, and both vdsm
> and
> hsm depends on them.
> 2. VDSM service and HSM service share the same site-packages
> directory,
> but it will renamed as used site-packages/hsm
> Now most codes of hsm and vdsm import modules from site-packages
> vdsm,
> so all of they should be fixed.
> 3. VDSM service depend on vdsm-python rpm, and HSM service depend on
> hsm-python rpm.
> I need to re-sort the public modules to hsm-python or vdsm-python
> rpm.
> such as,, BetterPopen and
> which is better of the above three?
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