After a quick review of the wiki page, it was stated that dmidecode gave too much informations. Only five fields will be displayed in the hardware tab, "Manufactory", "Version", "Family", "UUID" and "serial number". For "Family", it is mean the CPU core's family. And it confuses me a bit with the "CPU name" and "CPU type" fields in general tab. I think we should chose the best one to characterizethe CPU type.

Today in the Api we display general information about the host that vdsm export by getCapabilities Api.

We decided to add bios information as part of the information that is displayed in UI under host's general sub-tab.

To summaries the feature - We'll modify General tab to Software Information and add another tab for Hardware Information which will include all the bios data that we'll decide to gather from the host and display.

Following this feature page: for more details.
All the parameters that can be displayed are mentioned in the wiki.

I would greatly appreciate your comments and questions.


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