on 03/13/2013 19:36, Yaniv Bronheim wrote:
I never used the autobuilder.sh script so i never really saw or used the 
~/builder directory.. how does running the tests from there supposed to work? 
how does it help to omit the hack? and how does the re-organization effect here?
autobuild.sh invokes autogen.sh to prepare the project to be installed under the prefix of ~/builder. Then make and make install will actually generate and copy the files there. The directory structure under the ~/builder is the same as when it is installed to / . You can find ~/builder/bin, ~/builder/etc, ~/builder/lib64, ~/builder/var and so on. For unit test, we needn't start VDSM from ~/builder, we just need a directory tree that is similar to /. In this way hackVDSM can be removed.

The re-organization is not a problem. After the re-organization, VDSM installed under / should work of cause, so ut on the ~/builder will work as well, because the structure under the ~/builder is the same as /.
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on 03/11/2013 14:56, Yaniv Bronheim wrote:
Hey Shu,
Personally when I run specific unit test I prefer to run it without installing 
vdsm package, means locally from my development directory.
I develop on my major machine and install the package on testing environments 
for verification, so during the development if I write some uts, I want to be 
able to run them fast and easy and continue. Using installed vdsm is more for 
functional tests in my opinion.

By the way, currently the tests can run both in installed and uninstalled 
environment.. and I agree about the trickiness of hackVDSM

Maybe running only after install is better practice but I'm not sure, we need 
more opinions about that issue..

Hi Yaniv. I agree with you on running tests fast and easy. I also think
make install to ~/builder is fast and easy enough for me. I can accept
run unit test in ~/builder and we can create script to automate this
process. Before the git repo re-organization is ready, we can get rid of
hackVDSM by running tests in ~/builder.

Thanks and best regards!

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