We have 2 Windows servers which will be installed and configured with Netbackup 

The plan is to use one of the servers as a 'hot' standby machine and only use 
if/when the primary server fails for any reason.

There is no budget for full clustering which would be ideal so I was wondering 
if anyone has any experience or suggestions for this kind of cheap resilience 
scenario. I did plan to rsync (or copy in Windows) the Netbackup database on a 
regular basis and test everything would work as expected after turning off the 
primary server but hopefully someone has a better suggestion.

All the clients are Windows so I would put both Master servers in the client 
configuration and also add all the clients to the both Netbackup master 
servers. I did plan on stopping the Netbackup daemons and only start if a 
failover was required.??

Please note, this is a disk to disk solution only no tapes are involved which 
may make things easier or even harder!!.

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