If these LUNs are from the one SAN, are you trying to mirror data from
elsewhere onto the SAN or to mirror SAN LUNs one to another? The latter,
for a single SAN, is counter-productive as the SAN is supposed to
provide that reliability for you. If the former, then note which device
is which LUN (cXtYd0s2 presumably) and then use vxdiskadm to mirror the
volumes on a disk. OR if you want to do this one by one, and maybe you
don't want all the volumes on a disk mirrored onto this LUN, then build
a plex from the bottom up (make the subdisk and then a plex then
associate the former with the latter) and then attach it to the volume.
Vxassist will be of help. RTFM, the storage admin guide is really
helpful and has recipes for doing all these things.



Dana Hudes

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If I have more than one LUNs ..lets say if i have  LUNs to mirror 5
volumes...will the command "vxassist -g <dg> -mirror <volname>" work?
How does vxassist know what disk to choose ? 


Can I use vxmake to mirror the volume ?





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No need to make the subdisk and plex - just add the new disk to the
diskgroup (vxdiskadm is the easiest way for a beginner).  Then run
"vxassist -g <dg> -mirror <volname>" 

John Cronin 




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Hi All,


I created a volume consisting of a single plex and subdisk with
vxassist. I am looking to mirror it now. The storage person has
allocated me another disk of the same size . I intend to make a subdisk
and plex and then attach it to the existing volume . Will this activity
serve my purpose ? Please advise . 
The command I used to create the volume - vxassist -g <dg> make
<volname> 30g <disk>




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