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> I'm sure LU is always changing, but last I worked with it LU  
> understood encapsulation enough to undo it, but not redo it (no  
> great surprise there) so your new BE would be just on the disk  
> slices and you'd have to run a reencapsulation step once you were  
> happy with the results.  I doubt that will ever change since it  
> would require LU to "do" Veritas stuff.

Yes.  I've sen references to converting VxVM slices to SVM slices  
within an OS upgrade with LU but never actually splitting the  
mirrored drives the way it will with SVM.  More than likely they're  
more focused on getting LU to support ZFS pools for ZFS boot.

I found two utils on the VSF5 DVD that helped with live upgrade -  
vxlustart & vxlufinish.  vxlustart & vxlufinish are also mentioned in  
the Admin guide so I'm assuming Veritas does in fact support them  
during upgrades.

There's also a technote on seer which I can't find anymore that  
outlines Symantec's steps for splitting a mirrored boot drive.


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