> Three weeks and still no edu pricing??  The demo has expired for all
> of us who downloaded it on the first day and are waiting for edu
> pricing.
> Honestly, how long does it take to decide to offer it for 15 euros
> less with an edu ID?

I know, this is sad indeed. I have tried voicing my opinions and the  
Versions team just doesn't care

They say they do because they are concerned about fixing serious bugs  
and registration issues and it is their 3rd release since 1.0, etc,  
etc, but these show they rushed to market, not concern.

Dirk has sent me several e-mails saying to be patient though. Nothing  
from Koen though.

I could decide on EDU pricing over lunch or even while I am composing  
this e-mail.....it takes more time and energy to tell people it is  
coming or we dont have time than to just make the damn decision!!!


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