Dimitri, I respectfully disagree with your conclusions.

1) I've had great support from MadeBySofa. They did take about 3 days
to respond soon after public beta release of Versions, so that was
2) I've had no trouble registering Versions on 6 different computers,
4 different internet connections.
3) I understand that my personal experience is not enough to judge the
quality of a product. If a problem occurs, I must also look at my
personal setup, not just blame the software.

Questions for you:
1) what were the three different channels you used to contact support?
2) did you get value from the app during the trial period?

On Apr 3, 11:07 am, dimitri <pixelcorestu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've contacted support through three different channels, no response,
> no acknowledgement, nothing.
> Hangs on processing the registration, like some others have
> experienced.  This licensing/registration model is crap.  I guess it's
> too much to ask that:
> 1.) the license key they send you works, and
> 2.) there's support for this product after the sale.
> It shouldn't be this difficult. $50 for shareware that I can't even
> run...don't waste your money/time on this app.
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