No offense intended, and I'm just a Versions user, but I think it's rude to use this thread to plug the competition. Surely there must be other forums for that, where people are still trying to decide which tool to use.

To everyone: Happy New Year!

On 12/30/10 7:20 PM, Jay wrote:
I've had to do the same, switched to Cornerstone 2 - merging from the
command line combined with no option to remove the user name from the
repo url on checkout made Cornerstone attractive.

On Dec 30, 2:36 am, TT<>  wrote:
hey gabe, thanks for providing a link to Cornerstone 2. i wasn't aware
of it before, but I am definitely switching now, since the pace of
development for Versions has been monumentally disappointing.

On 29 дец, 19:08, gabe<>  wrote:

Just picked up Versions. After using it quite a bit, its a pretty user-
friendly tool, but frankly, it needs merge capability to be taken
seriously. Cornerstone 2 looks amazing - it has merge, and a built in
comparison tool. I may pick it up instead. If anyone else is
interested its at
Versions Team - I highly recommend to you build merge capability into
your app.
- Gabe

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