My comment about discussing Merge on this list was to make this point: The list is hosted by Sofa. It's their living room and we're guests invited to discuss Versions.

Comments comparing Versions and other products would probably be very helpful to people who are still in the decision making process. There are other places to post that. I hope that you all do.

Here, I like the generally low but relevant traffic. I think it's most appropriate to talk about how we get the most out of Versions. Ask for features, compare and contrast with the competition, but don't plug the competition. Perhaps it's a matter of the amount of discussion and the tone.

FWIW, I never would have gotten version control adopted in our web shop without a GUI like Versions to make it easy to use and accept. Then, once you've got people and processes put together around version control, maybe you can move on to a different tool.

On 1/3/11 3:42 PM, ct-scan wrote:
I'm glad the link to Cornerstone was posted, I've been using Versions
since the beta, and am getting frustrated that this obvious feature
still isn't integrated.

Maybe instead of additional UI enhancements (like the ones that just
came out), adding this much requested feature would be better.
I'd even upgrade to a new version for this feature, with no
hesitation.  I love Versions, but it's just not the most complete tool
out there.
I hope they fix this.

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