First, thanks a lot to all the people involved
in the development of Veusz! I just discovered 
it recently and it looks like a really amazing

I used to use Matlab a lot back in the days, 
however its prohibitively high price put an
end to that. Some time ago I switched to 
python, numpy and matplotlib which produces
amazing plots however I got tired of editing
python scripts all the time, so I started 
writing a GUI for matplotlib (well for a very
small subset of what matplotlib can do). On
of the main motivation for me to use matplotlib
is that you can use Latex for the text 
rendering, which means that once you have
the plots ready, the fonts used in them look
exactly the same way as the main text in the
Latex document they are in.

Then I discovered Veusz and basically realized
that this is what I was envisioning when I 
started working on my GUI. The only issue which
I am having with it is that I cannot get the
text (for example axes labels) to have true
Latex look. I chose cmr10 font (which I assume
means Computer Modern Roman, which is what 
Latex uses by default, However if I type \mu 
as a axis label, that \mu does not appear to
be the same as in Latex. So I'm wondering 
whether I am doing something wrong, or whether
the text rendering in Veusz is not really done
by Latex, although the syntax is Latex-like? 
Is there currently any way to make the text in
a Veusz plot to look exactly the same as the
text in a Latex document?

Thanks a lot in advance and congratulations
once again for the program you've written.


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