I love Veusz! I worked with Origin for a decade and I loved it for the 
flexibility to play with the data, make a fit,
plot it this or that way.

Now I found veusz that brings the same capabilities as Origin to me and it is 
programmed in my favorite language, python.

One of our customers likes us to  build up a facility for visualizing CAN data 
from automotive sources.
The data source are HDF5 files that will evolve in complexity.

I am building up an import dialog for complex HDF5 files for Veusz right at the 
moment. Since my customer
supports Open-Source I would like to share the outcome of the HDF5-Dialog with 
the community.

Veusz at the moment promotes import-plugins that are handled by a generic 
That generic Dialog is not capable to deal with the complexity of HDF5.

So I have had to dig deeper and added a new Class ImportTabHDF5 to the 
importDialog File and added a new UI-Resource-File.

While patching the code I feel bad. It is a hack but no solution. I would like 
to contribute to build a modular Import-dialog-Framework that
is capable to assimilate the new Code I will bring in. That will be no great 
deal, just moving a few classes into a base module and organize
that the qt-resources are
bound to an external data structure.

Here we are. Two programmers ready to work with you. Please give us orders. :-)

Best Regards


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