Hi all!!

I'm sorry if I ask a lot of things but Veusz is the best tool for making
plot in my research!:)

I would like to propose a change and to ask a question about the grid

I found today the zeromargins button on the grid widget, that's a great
thing but maybe it would be nice to have a checkbox to activate or
deactivate it. In this case I can revert to the previous settings (ok, I
can use "cancel" but it is not the same thing, and with a checkbox I can
activate it from the scripting interface). If it is not a problem I propose
this change.

The question. I activated the zeromargins (to merge the y axes... now I
have 3 xy widget in an horizontal row) but now the last ticklabel of the
left 'x' axis collide with the first ticklabel of the right 'x' axis. Is
there a (maybe also scriptable?:P) way to remove the last ticklabel of an
axis so that it wouldn't collide with the first of the next axis in a
"zeromargins" grid? they do not superpose but moving the first label of the
axis make the second not visible because it doesn't have enough space.

Thanks a lot!!

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