I have mentioned this before on and off the list. If you fwd a message, each 
time you fwd it all the names go with it. The spammers love this. Just last 
week I sent a message to a friend from my privet E address. He in turn used it 
in a fwd with a bunch of names on it. In a couple of days I got E mail from one 
of the names on that list of names from that E mail. I contacted that person 
and they said they did not send me any E mails and did not even know me. It 
only took two days to get my privet E address to the spammers. I had to change 
it a year ago because of this and I guess I have to change it again. You 
listers that have it, hang on, I will see if I start getting more spam.
Always delete any other names from your E mails other than your own. If fwd, 
remove the other addresses.
About a month ago, I got a stupid FWD that had over 100 names and E addresses. 
It had been fwd 9 times with each time a new list of over ten new addresses. 
This was on my Yahoo account and it went to the SPAM file.

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[VFB] Re: Fw: phxflytyer, I 'cracked the code' and made $

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Well I never clicked on the "unsubscribe" 
and they didn't stop.
Not long ago I started to click on it and 
with in a couple of days they stopped.
I have noticed that who ever is selling the 
address, is selling them to company in Colorado. That is where most of them 
Just with in the last couple of days I have 
gotten a winning lottery ticket from England and a job offer to sell Ricoh 
copiers and I also won a Pepsi Cola award.
Of course I sent in all my pertinent info 
to claim the prizes and be the offical Ricoh distributor in 
Any one want to but a copies. I can get you 
a great price. My cost plus $5.00.....such a deal.....
A pessimist's blood type is always B_NEGATIVE.

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  the code' and made $94,532.44 in 24 hours.

  But you are also on a 
  I wonder if it is just a 
    PC problem?

  Chris is correct.  It's your e-mail, whether you're on Mac, PC, or 
  even WebTV.  Contact your ISP (cox.net) and see what kind of spam filters 
  they have for you.  You should be able to block them.

  And Chris was also correct.  Do NOT click on the unsubscribe 
  link.  That'll put you on another 100 mailing lists.  I know - I did 
  it once.

  Good luck.

  Allan Fish

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