This called the "Miracle Inch". I use it a lot and get some violent strikes. At 
first I would get a lot of break offs till I learned to keep the line loose in 
my line hand. I would "twitch" the nymph on the drift let it swing and hold it 
there for a short. Then work it back up stream like a wounded minnow.

--- On Fri, 2/13/09, KP <> wrote:
From: KP <>
Subject: [VFB] Re: Active Nymphing was QUOTE FOR THE DAY
To: "VFB Mail" <>
Date: Friday, February 13, 2009, 5:01 PM

I love upstream dry fly fishng and in the winter I fish my nymphs this
way too. A friend of mine just came back from a course here in the UK
and they were shown how the masters of short line nymphing do the job.
Your books ref to the stripping the nymph on the lift is how he
described the Czech and Polish method of what we call the induced take
as originated here by Mr Skues. There is a new (?) method used by
these guys that uses long leaders up to 18 or 20 feet long ! At the
end of the drift they lift the nymph at  a rediculous (to me anyway)
speed but it works really well. I have used the same method but with
sensible leaders of 10 to 12 feet long. It resulted in a 40cm grayling
(thats 16" in proper money) which is big for the UK, on my last trip
to the river. SO yes stripping the nymph induces takes from fish so I
guess you should try it for a while and compare to your normal slower
Just my 2pennorth.

PS DonO I am doing the 24hour thing again this year!!!  I now work for
Orvis UK !!!

On Feb 12, 8:46 pm, Michael Bliss <> wrote:
> I am reading a book called "Active Nymphing: Aggressive Strategies
> Casting, Rigging, And Moving the Nymphs"  By Rich Osthoff.  In the
> book he talks of moving the nymph, not just like streamer fishing but
> casting upstream and stripping the nymph (not streamer).  I am a dead
> drifter almost all of the time and this is new to me.  Anyone do this
> and can you shed some perspective on this?
> Mike

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