Subject: [VFB] Prepositions & Propositions


Thanks, Jim.  I see you have an education to defend me with.

 As for the proposition, well, we were down in the Keys on a hide-away
vacation and didn't want to spoil it.  So no, we didn't want company.  Maybe
another time.

 If we get the place in the Keys we are looking at (oops- again), we'll have
lots of propositions for company to fish with (oops- again!).







My Post -Do not end sentences with a preposition. *


Jim's response - This is not true at all (it is old grammar school stuff).


My Comment #1.  As a creative writing teacher ( a long time ago, I do know
that usage trumps style and rules and have often used sentence s

that go  on and runs into.  (Whoops did it again. Damn preposition and
dangling participles)


My Comment #2    Dimento is absolutely non-defensible in any case and one
should never pass up an opportunity to tweak Dimento 

or any of the other  multiple personalities.   My favorite show is the
"United States of DonO."




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