Actually, if you read what Don said  (bottom paragraph), it'll be in 
the DVD.   Don's put WAY too much work and creativity into this to be 
giving it away.   So do like me and buy one of his DVD's.


>I too would like to try to tie that fly if you would be willing to 
>give up the pattern?
>John Bennett
>Lifetime Products, Inc.
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>Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 2:29 PM
>Subject: [VFB] Re: DVD is here
>Can you give me the pattern for that fly. Love it. Will look great on my hat!
>I'll just do the rope-dub without much explanation, and then direct 
>them to the website
>for details, which will be a DVD overview of all the techniques included.

Allan Fish
Greenwood, IN
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