I'm planning to, if everything goes well.  I'm not sure I'll go as a tier or 
just to visit everyone- so much less work just to visit.  Undecided...

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  Keep me in line for a copy as well, are you going to Loveland, CO in July?


  On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 11:22 PM, DonO <f...@tribcsp.com> wrote:

    For those interested in the rope-dub dvd...

    I got the initial proof/draft DVD for the video tying sequences from the 
video-man.  I stuck it in the TV and Cheryl sat down to watch it with me.  She 
was amazed.  She's seen me demo-ing the rope-dub for the last 8 years, but she 
said the DVD was even better than seeing me tie in person (that's hard to 
believe, since I'm so good-lookin').  She was also amazed at how many tying 
techniques were included, telling me that I could make 3 DVDs with that much 
information.  I told her I was already working on DVD #2 and it had a lot more 
advanced applications.

    From my standpoint it looked pretty good, but needs a lot more editing and 
photo inserts.  How many tying sequences are there?  24 that I counted, not 
including the talking and fly demo sections, and it doesn't include the fishing 
sequence up front or the credits and ad pages at the back.  The rope-dub is so 
quick, and I'm only tying the tail ends (not the finished pattern), that the 
tying sequences don't take very long at all.

    There's a lot for someone to work on, but the tying sequences coupled with 
various photos should allow pausing and rewinding so that tough parts can be 
reviewed.  Only problem I could see was that my big 'ol ball-park frankfingers 
were getting in the way all the time.  We used 2 camera angles, so hopefully we 
can get good views of all ties.

    I cancelled my trip to Idaho this week-end because of the storm moving in- 
supposed to be 2 to 4 feet of snow up in the western mountains (Jackon/Wilson 
areas) so the passes may get closed (our route).  I'll have to wait for a later 
date to meet up with Jack Dennis to review it with him.

    From my first view, I am very satisfied and I'm looking forward to getting 
a couple more initial reviews from seasoned tiers.

    If you have any questions, please fire away.  

    And Byard- you get yours for free, of course (signature edition).  I'll 
chat with you off-list.


  Peggy Brenner



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