It is good to be back on VFB. Some time back I was finding I just did not have the time. Recently I have modified my living a bit and do have more time I can devote to keeping contact with friends. Many of the board members do not know me. I have been around forever (yep, one of the older guys). I do own Conranch Hackle and have tied and fly fished for over 66 years. Still learnin. I like to tie in a red tag on a lot of my dry flies. I'm not sure if the fish like it but I do. I manage to catch more than my share. The past two seasons I have been fishing more nymphs & soft hackle flies. I do not wade well any more so fish my high Mtn Kettle lakes from a toon, for all of the different specie of trout. Added a new pair of Apollo Bio Pro fins and love them. Might be a bit pricey but they work for me.
It is good to be back.


On 8/21/2011 5:40 PM, Peggy Brenner wrote:
I use a hot spot on just about everything, including adding a red beard on all of my streamers.

I sat next to Aron Jasper at a show 2 years ago when he was just coming up with competition flies, and he raved about hot spots, so I took his advise and adapted some patterns.

This year we did less fishing trips, but did well when we got out.


On 8/21/2011 5:27 PM, Don Ordes wrote:
I tie a blood-spot on some of mine. It's a guide-trick up here that
works pretty well at times, even on dries.

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    Try putting just a pinch of red in when you mix your dubbing.
    It will look like veins running thru the scud.
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