Mike: Thanks a lot. I hope it;s the easy kind too, because I'm not sure I'd 
even go to get chemo. #1, it makes you sick as a dog and since having five 
hiatal hernia surgeries I cannot throw up, only dry heaves, and #2 that 
stuff (along with radiation) don't know a cancer cell from a good cell as 
far as I know. Guess I'll cross that bridge if/when I get to it as they 
say. Chuck

On Friday, September 5, 2014 6:21:09 PM UTC-5, Chuck Alexander wrote:
>   Folks: I need your thoughts and prayers please. I have had a “lesion” 
> about 1/2” diameter on my shoulder for about four months now and went to 
> the doc to get it checked today. I hadn’t mentioned it to him before as I 
> was having all those IBS intestinal pains, and it would slip my mind as 
> that pain was all I was worried about. 
> Anyway, he took one look at it and said “that’s skin cancer and we need to 
> take it off asap” He says that he won’t know the type till he cuts it out 
> and sends a biopsy to the lab. He did say he didn’t think it has 
> metastasized, but I don’t know how he knows that unless it’s from the 6 
> tubes of blood they drew today. I’ll probably get it taken off in about ten 
> days or so as he has to be out of town on continuing education next week. 
> He’s says “don’t worry about it” (easy for him to say, specially since I 
> lost my favorite Uncle to skin cancer about 15 yrs ago). 
> Nobody likes to hear the “C” word, but I’ll just cross whatever bridges I 
> have to cross when and/or as I get to then. That’s all I can do right now.  
> But, being a natural worrier  and say I’m worried about it would be an 
> understatement right about now. I’m sure that living in FL and being a 
> welder in FL for 20+ yrs didn’t didn’t help, as well as going shirtless 
> back when I had the body for it. I have several more that he says was “pre 
> cancerous”  (they are different looking from this one, but I’ll start with 
> the “biggie” and let him cut em all off asap) that he’d take off at a later 
> date, but wants to get the one off now. Thanks a lot. Chuck

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