Hi Guys:. Hope all is well with you. Here's an update on me. I sent some of you an earlier email and I owe you an apology. This goes back to breaking my ankle on the Gunnison four years ago The ankle never has been worth a toot since then.I have good days and bad days. Plus the blood clot that has to be medicated daily. I also have Essential Tremor, NOT Parkinsons, A shot glasss of bourbon a day seems to help, as per the docs suggestion. ;-) The tremor doesan't affect my fly tying.. etc.. More of an aggravation than anything else. I guess you might say I've had my cup running over these last two years

Members of my Rotary club weren't aware of the tremor until I told them during my program on rattlesnakess. ;-) The worse part of the deal is the atrophying of the muscles in my calves and pain in my feet which keeps me from exercising. This is not part of the essential tremor, just another "rock" in the road for me to navigate from when I broke my ankle flyhing the Gunnison River in Colorado. Long story It's Osteo Arthritis in my feet. and torn misisiniscus, from skiing.. This is what makes it impossible to "wade" or play golf anymore. I could add more stuff but not really important. The bottom line is that my balance is shot. It, Takes two wading staffs and that's a bundle what with my chest pack and the other "must haves"

Jody is fine. A tougher woman you'll never see. Thank God she's in great health snd a 12 year breast cancer.

Take Care.



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