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made changes to the rhizome movie. Andreas has also written a way
cool thingie to autogenerate a xml file, however will be a while
longer before i figure out how to read multiple entries from xml....

I still have not solved the RSS problem, so if you want to use this
template and have it survive syndication email me off list with the
*full* url of where you want rhizome.xml to live. It it a 30 second
job to change the .mov for you.

what follows is verbatim from my blog. the required files are at:

I've spruced up the first rhizome movie template so that now it reads
its associated XML file. It operates in exactly the same way as the
earlier rhizome movie, the difference is that by entering the
appropriate pathway into the associated XML file you can load a movie
into each child track of any name. The child movies can reside
anywhere, just make sure you enter a valid url.


What is it?
rhizome.mov is a little movie that lets you load two other videos
into it. Each of these plays, and loops continuously. They are
independent of each other so you can load films of different duration
into each of the video windows. Mousing into each video enables the
volume for that video and mutes the other.

Where does the XML file have to be?
The rhizome.mov file has a script inside of it that looks for a file
called rhizome.xml, and loads this file. rhizome.xml must reside in
the same directory as rhizome.mov

Can I rename rhizome.mov?
Yes, you can call it what you like, but make sure it still ends in
.mov. The only thing you cannot rename is rhizome.xml.

Where do I put the two movies that are going to be loaded into rhizome.mov?
Well, where you like really. Just make sure that you point to them
properly within rhizome.xml.

Do the URLs I put in rhizome.xml have to be full URLs?
No, they can be relative paths, and they should be relative to the
location of rhizome.mov. In other words if you placed your two child
movies in the same directory as rhizome.mov you could just write
their file names within rhizome.xml

What file formats do my child movies need to be in?
Any format that QuickTime can view. At the moment that is .mov, .mp4,
and some varieties of .avi, as well as various other formats.

What size should my video be?
Each of the video panes is 160 x 120 pixels. You can compress your
video to be larger but it is only going to be visible at 160 x 120

How compressed does it need to be?
Up to you, but remember you are playing 2 videos from 2 sources at
the same time inside of another movie. So the lower the bit rate and
frame rate, the better things will be. If you try and load 2 20 meg
videos into this, then outside of big broadband on a dual processor
G5, not a lot will actually work for anyone. (Remember, this is
networked video, the network is narrow, and small.)

Um, what's a child movie?
rhizome.mov is a container movie that loads two other videos and then
plays them. These two other movies are child movies. They exist
independently (and play independently) of the container (parent)

And I would do this because?
That's for you to answer. In this rhizome movie you get two
independent movies that play independently of each other, and which
loop. Fixed, linear timelines are irrelevant when you publish video
on a computer. This is a simple machine to help get your head into
that time.

Adrian Miles



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