This resulted because of millions of ignorant new people starting to use the Internet's 'WWWeb'.
The main point is, most of them were not publishers, just an online audience.

You obviously have a well-rounded mindset on all of this.  I take every point you make and know you speak truth.
You make valid points. 

My problem is, the culture is shifting and it's not all about the audience and what terms work for them.  Its that EVERYONE can be a PUBLISHER and millions are doing just that.
As a publisher, you should be educated and use the most proper terms to describe what you are doing.
Secondly, we have publishers who are teachers.  A teacher should definately be able to explain technology and thus the need for accurate terminology.  Hell, curriculums are being formulated right now... and eventually, every school will cover the ground we walk on.....
Using 'any term that works for you' is fine and dandy when all you focus on 'just create'.  But their are people that see the importance of terminology for the various benefits that it can bring. 

Why i always pop in these discussions... and felt that early on, we should work together to use the proper terms... is so an Ignorant Audience together with Big Corporations and the News Media dont end up creating the language for what we are doing as media publishers. 
People complain and say it doesnt matter... but it does.  And the more examples we see of truly bad terminology evolving and being accepted, the more people will start understanding how that can suck.  The irony is, most people who complain about this 'defining of terms' are those who would indeed rant out against governing bodies who force bullshit regulations and the broadcast networks force feeding us bullshit news and entertainment content.  If you dont want to eat that shit, why should you want to eat a nonsensical language that you decided to not contribute to deifning yourself.... of the media landscape that you enjoy?


On 9/16/05, Eric Rice <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I just had an epiphany about nomenclature.

Some of you might have experienced this back in the day. I know I did, and it drove me
batshit on a regular basis:

Remember when people use the terms 'home page/web page/web site' interchangeably,
and as a result, used them incorrectly? And eventually, it all became a non-issue and
language either changed, became forgotten, or the actual content/product brand took

For example: buying things from Amazon, or eBay, or watching Rocketboom or Carol and
Steve. Or reading Slashdot. Or listening to Adam Curry. Or getting the hookup on
MySpace? I'll be willing to bet everyone knows how to a) get to and consume the above
content and b) what format type of content it is.

I've yet to hear someone these days say something like, "Dude, did you see that kick-ass
HTML article posted on the web page?"

Welcome to nomenclature v.2, where verbs are the new ______. ;-)


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