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>I wonder if maybe the difference is between fresh installations of
>iTunes versus upgrades.  Maybe an upgrade to the version with
>podcasting support didn't properly register the handler, while a
>fresh installation would?

This, I think, is the correct call. We've got the .pcast method down pat
< http://www.vsocial.com/rss/pcaster.php >, but I couldn't get it to
"just work" on my machine (iTunes 6.0). I've been upgrading since 4.0,
pre-podcasts, and .pcast is not associated on my machine.
Well, this would make sense, however I'm new to the world of iTunes/iPod ... I just got it last night.
I suppose I might have had iTunes installed earlier and not even really noticed ... it has been bundled with QuickTime for at least a few versions I think ... but I dont think I've ever had anything prior to 6.0 at the earliest.
- Dave

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