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How much is too much? At what point will you (personally, yourself, as
a vlog watcher):
1) Stop downloading the file.

For the most part, I download videos with FireAnt so this doesn't apply. It does it in the background or when I'm asleep so as far as I'm concerned I'm almost never waiting for a video to download. On the rare occasion when I am watching a video while it downloads, quicktime's fast start and windows media buffering thing pretty much mean a short wait, 10 - 15 sec, before I can watch the video. This is true no matter how long the video is. Check out this 30 min short film I posted on my server. <URL: http://www.michaelverdi.com/video/thenosferatu.movIt started playing in under 5 seconds for me. It's 122 MB.

2) Stop watching the movie (how many minutes, assuming it's not too boring).

I think this all depends on the context. If it's a video from a friend or from a feed that I know that I like, I'll watch any length - though it's nice to know ahead of time if it's going to be more than 10 minutes. If I have no personal investment - they're not a friend or something I already know that I like - then I'll give it a few minutes if it seems interesting but if I don't find anything that speaks to me inside the first minute, I usually skip over it.

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