You can use a 302 Pete.  But a 302 wont replace what is listed in the directory or within the clients application.  It will simply redirect each time it's accessed.

If you want to change the urls being accessed in the first place it requries a 301.

I myself issued a 301 to a 302  :-P  Now all the clients have forgotten about that old url and point to my new url which is a 302 that I control.  :-)

On 2/7/06, Pete Prodoehl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
David Meade wrote:
> a redirect in your htaccess will work so long as it's a 301 redirect (a
> permanent redirect).  This will update the itunes diectory and all itunes
> users.
> I think you just have to append this to your rewrite rule to make it a 301
> instead of a 302:

So does Apple say you have to use a 301 Permanent Redirect rather than a
302 Found? That's lame... a 302 would allow you to be in control of the
URL and have it never change, but merely point to the current URL of
whatever provider you are using. A 302 means that clients would always
hit your site first, then get redirected, which is nice for stats, while
a 301 would tell clients 'never come back here, go somewhere else instead'

I suppose it's not too surprising... Very few clients seem to get http
right nowadays...


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