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So beyond the usual suspects speaking their mind about all this video stuff.... myself included.... I'm interested to read or watch opinions of others on this mailing list... maybe some who more often lurk... maybe you have a vlog and are looking for the topic of your next post.... Remember we used to all crave having conversations through vlogging.... well I don't see that much of it. Here is an opportunity.

I'll bite, I lurk too much.

Do you enjoy watching vlog video on:

+  The Web
+  Desktop Media Player and/or Aggregator
+  TV
+  Portable Media Player (viPod, PSP etc)

I prefer to watch online video (vlog-video) on the web.  I would watch it on a portable if I had one and was in a situation where I had time away from a p.c. to watch it (outside for coffee/smoke, etc.)

Questions questions questions.................
Please explain your opinions and describe your the type of net video consumer you are. 
Are you hard core?  Spend several hours a day watching video? 

Not hardcore anymore.  I bookmark far more video than I get a chance to watch.  Call me a casual consumer.  If I had less interests and other stuff to do (or ever got that clone of myself I've asked Santa for) I'd be hardcore again.

Are you more casual and periodically will watch some video throughout the day?
Are you a remixer? Do you need/like to organize all the video from channels you subscribe to for later?
Do you typically watch the same video more than once?  If so, do you find it annoying to go back to the source to grab or search your computer for it? 

If I do feel like rewatching a vid, I'll download it in the first place.

Do you enjoy the web video experience?  What makes it good or bad for you?

Buffering sucks (wmv), any video interface that doesn't allow me to pause, 'rewind' etc, sucks.  Not a big fan of embedded for viewing, but I would be inclined to use it for producing (I know, that doesn't make sense, but whatever)  I rather enjoy seeing a video in the 'blog' setting.  I like to see the site that contains it, I typically download the file and watch it locally....I like to read any text that accompanies it.

Do you like special software to handle video playback? 

Meh, if I can start, stop, play, pause, scrub forward and back I am happy.

Do you care about online video working like a TV so you can channel surf?

This I do like.  I am never sure what I might like, so I enjoy surfing to see what I might not have normally stumbled on.

Are you online most of the time? Have broadband? 

Unless I am sleeping I am online.  Yes, broadband at work and home.

Commute and use a portable device?  Whats it like for you?

Would if I did, for certain.

What kind of video consumers are out there? 

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