I experimented with the very early versions of drupal 'groups' and 'access' modules for drupal about a year back.  It was tricky getting the modules to play nice together, but it was a good experiment.... I ended up using it on an intranet for a companies departments.... worked nice. 
I'll be taking a new look at this stuff as well... kep me looped on how things go on your end.

On 2/26/06, Steve Watkins < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
That article you linked to was good. So far people have been extremely
fickle with social networking sites, I see no reason why it will be
any different with myspace.

It has some good features, I personally hate it because its a mess. Oh
yeah and I am biased against it because its owned by Murdoch.

Although there are clear benefits to such a large scale of social
networking, I prefer smaller & more specialised communities, ansd
cleaner user interfaces.

Right now I am fixated with drupal and what it can do in terms of
letting people create groups. I am currently in the early stages of
remaking vjcentral.com so that it uses drupal & takes advantage of all
the stuff thats emerged over the last few years, like tagging,
videoblogging etc.

I am more than amazed that the videoblogging community hasnt done
something similar, and has stuck with an array of semi-connected
sites, yahoo groups etc. I know particular sites such as ourmedia are
using the group stuff in drupal, but there doesnt seem to be that much
overlap between who & what is going on there, and members of this list.

Node101 strikes me as great example of something that would benefit
greatly from having this sort of online presence. New groups can be
created by anyone to represent a new node, nodes can publish material
that is seen by just that one node, or shared with certain other
groups, or with everyone. I am formally volunterring to help with such
an effort if it is wanted. I will post about this again once I got a
beta of the new vjcentral running, so any interested people can take a
look and see if such a system would be useful for node101 etc.

Steve of Elbows

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Jay dedman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >  Dave Toole recently asked his 16yr old daughter to explain why
she finds MySpace so interesting.
> >  I asked him to vlog it and share it with us.
> >  He posted it tonight on ourmedia and our SpinFlow vlog
> >   http://outhink.blogs.com/spinflow/2006/02/why_is_myspace_.html
> Talk about market research.
> this is exactly what i needed to understand.
> I needed to SEE what a typical user likes about MySpace.
> Dave asked all the right questions.
> i guess MySpace provides what i hear a lot of bloggers want.
> who's watching me?
> how many friends do i have?
> we all want an audience.
> I know thats why i got involved in videoblogging.
> I just wanted to meet other people.
> but for whatever reason, MySpace still seems like a dead end.
> doesnt seem like it will last.
> I like to think that media we create will last...so it means something
> in the future.
> I wonder if MySpace has that kind of longevity.
> http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=1650209&page=1
> jay

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