On 3/27/06, Stephanie Bryant <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  Well, I wouldn't, primarily because what I type on my computer doesn't
>  always belong to me, and broadcasting it would be a huge problem. Any
>  potential employers, I am sure, would be *horrified* to see me
>  broadcasting stuff live-- if I do it for a current employer or client,
>  who's to say I won't do it when working for them? [Caveat: I have
>  actually screencast a workday, including stuff i was working on, but
>  it's stuff for the book, and you couldn't read the text much anyway--
>  it was no more than a teaser.]
>  And even the stuff that isn't for a client is often private. I mean, I
>  don't really want the whole world reading my email, you know? Or
>  seeing my passwords, which I have been known to type into a clear-text
>  box without even realizing it.

The broadcasts would be selective.  You would not broadcast everything
you do, but rather, only those things that are not private and might
interest other people.

For example, if I want to learn about technologies behind internet
chat, I might initiate a broadcast with a title such as "My live
websurfing/googling for internet chat technologies (tips welcome)." 
People interested in chat might then watch my live broadcast. 
(Perhaps they get notifications automatically whenever a broadcast is
about to start on a topic that interests them.)

At this point, they will watch me trying to learn about internet chat
technologies.  They might learn a few things from this and might even
give me tips on where to look.  In fact, a discussion might start
among viewers about what I am doing.  It would be interesting to see
what people have to say about my websurfing/googling.

Also, I think I would be more productive if people are watching me do
things and giving me constant feedback.

>  Also, my computer usage, I have been told, is extremely annoying to
>  watch. When I surf the web, for instance, I am constantly highlighting
>  text while i read it, then de-highlighting, scrolling in ways that
>  people find nauseating, etc.

Some people might find this interesting.  Perhaps they do something
similar. Perhaps they might give you a few tips. It's interesting to
see how people use their computers.

In any case, see the sample feeds I have added to vnccasts.com for
some ideas on what people might broadcast.

One area with a lot of potential is to reveal how creative people
work.  How exactly does a novelist spend his time?  Is most of it
productive? Or does writer's block dominate? Perhaps much time is
spent on rewriting? How does a novelist keep track of things exactly?

I see this partly as an experiment in learning about human nature.  I
want to know how other people think.  I want to get into their heads.


>  I can see it being useful for corporations wanting to spy on
>  employees, but not as a public broadcast option. It would be useful
>  for people studying usability. It would be useful for teenagers as a
>  novelty entertainment thing. It would be useful during a seminar or
>  class or other staged event. But daily nonstop broadcasting, like a
>  webcam? Eh.... not for me, I think.
>  --Stephanie
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