I've been following the various threads on this.  And my take on it is this....

The big issue here revolves around Copyright, Copyright Infringement, the Creative Commons, Fair Use and reform of Copyright law.

The arguing has come close to turning into a "flame war".  (I know some will say that it has already gotten there.)

Many people are (quite passionately) asserting that Veoh is committing Copyright Infringement.  And want Veoh punished.  Although some just want Veoh to just remove their video.

Some people (that are licensing their work under a Creative Commons license) are asserting that Veoh is violating Creative Commons licenses, and that they need to do certain thing to adhere to these licenses.

And some are saying that, given that we want changes and reform in Copyright law, that we should NOT be so harsh with Veoh.  That changes in Copyright law will require Social Change.  And that often, to effect Social Change good people must choose to disobey the law.

(I know I've probably missed some stuff.  But this is my take on it, from what I've absorbed from trying to keep up with the flurry of messages.  If anyone wants to chime in to add anything, feel free.)

See ya

On 4/8/06, Monique Danielle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Please forgive me, but I haven't followed this thread, and I'm too lazy to reread everything.
Is anyone willing to summarize why the emails and emotions are flying here? If veoh charging folks to view others videos? I'm just curious about the core problem here.

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