Not to get into a debate over which is better (I think they both work) but I do want to clear up some things. The popups I'm talking about are not blocked because the user initiated them. Like I said earlier the one thing that keeps me, personally, from using the embeded video on my own vlog is not that it's hard to scroll when the video is playing (though it is) it's that even after the video is done and you want to scroll down and look at something else, the embeded video causes rendering problems and makes scrolling kind of "jerky." That's why I said they work better on a site where there is only one video displayed - like Rocketboom or Stephanie's site. One of these days when I get around to it, I've got a videoblog that I want to do with avatars from Second Life - where I've set up a template that shows one video at a time embeded in a page (no scrolling necessary).



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