>A one to many distribution system that occurs live.  This system is
>quickly dissapearing and being replaced by the many to many
>distribution  system over IP.

I'm going to have to call you on this.

The one to many distribution of television is not quickly
disappearing, and it is certainly not being replaced by a "many to
many distribution system over IP".
Videoblogs (video podcasts, vodcasts etc.) are still one to many
distribution. From a distribution perspective, there's no real
difference between it and TV, except that TV is still better quality
visually, and being free over the airwaves, is a lot easier to
consume that anything over the Internet. (Especially if you're not a
white affluent male ;-) )

With the advent of P2P (BitTorrent, Kazaa etc.) there is an
opportunity to change the delivery infrastructure so that you can
perhaps download a "video" from multiple locations at once to speed
up delivery, but it is still one to many as a communications system.

What you're probably trying to say is that amateur video on the
Internet has the opportunity to create two way communication (not
distribution), as opposed to the old one way communication of TV.
However true two way ubiquity is still a long long long way off.

>The fear of television argument is expecting the old model which
>will soon not exist.




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