VIDEOBLOGGER: One who belongs to the videoblogging group hosted at
> Yahoo Groups.

Tell me you are kidding.

Trust me, I know what I know to be true ;)


On 11/19/06, Peter Leppik <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>   Sull:
> I think the source of your problem is that you don't understand the
> meaning of the words "videoblogger," "videoblogging," and
> "videoblog." Let me clarify these terms for you, based on what I've
> learned from reading this list:
> VIDEOBLOGGER: One who belongs to the videoblogging group hosted at
> Yahoo Groups.
> VIDEOBLOGGING: That activity engaged in by videobloggers.
> VIDEOBLOG: The end result of videoblogging.
> So the fundamental problem is that there's all these people on
> YouTube who clearly aren't videobloggers (by definition), yet they
> engage in an activity which looks suspiciously like videoblogging.
> The debate is over what to do about it, Should we (a) reach out to
> these people, invite them to join the videoblogging group, and
> thereby turn them into videobloggers; or (b) make sure people
> understand that--all appearances to the contrary notwithstanding--
> those people aren't videobloggers but something else. "Youtubers"
> maybe.
> It is a debate I expect to see continue for quite some time.
> -Peter
> On Nov 18, 2006, at 9:07 PM, sull wrote:
> > I just finished reading this thread with a sorta confused look on
> > my face
> > for most of it....
> > And it fitting that the last message here by Charles Hope jives
> > with how I
> > feel.
> > This seems to be a case of over-analyzing a specific perspective of
> > communities who are using video to socialize, create, inform,
> > entertain,
> > insult, inspire etcetera.
> >
> > As for the video. yeah its a good job making a montage of some notable
> > clips and clips that kind of express whats going on at YouTube. Add
> > the sad
> > sounding violin and piano and booya.... Change the soundtrack to
> > some thrash
> > metal... and you have something entirely different. But whatever.
> > its a
> > good video and thanks for sharing it here, eric.
> >

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