Good question jay,

Does anyone know if Moveabletype, blogger, or Wordpress support
mediaRSS?  Has anyone created a plugin perhaps for MT or Wordpress?

I've realized one of the primary issues with the mediaRSS spec is that
when you're righting a post there's no quick markup to specify
metadata IN the post.  Specifically for example I was going to propose
a series of Microstandards like "rel=thumbnail"  so people could
semanticly specify metadata in their post.

For example when you specify the image to represent your video in the
page you'd specify it like this.

<img src=""; rel="thumbnail">

As some may have noticed one of the biggest issues we have with
mefeedia is generating tens of thousands of email a day. One of the
things I've realized is that MOST people are specifying a
representative thumbnail in their post, they're just not specified in
the mediaRSS.

I think we're going to adopt this rel=thumbnail standard pretty quick
on mefeedia.

But if we can also just get a few providers on board like feedburner,, dabble and a few others we could creat much prettier and more
usefull feeds really quick.

A couple examples.

1) if feedburner jumps on board identifying thumbnails based on the
rel=thumbnail standard they can also specify those thumbnails in
mediaRSS and aggregatory tools like democracy, itunes, mefeedia,
fireant or whomever recognizes mediaRSS will immediately start
displaying the thumbnails you specify in your blog instead of randomly
pulling their own.

2)  This is particularly an interesting issue with people hosting
their videos on blip.  Blip does allow you to specify a thumbnail for
each video, and they DO put it in your blip feed. However, 99% of all
people using blip don't use blip's feed, they cross post from blip to
their video blog where such meta information as the thumbnail is not
semantically specified. By semantically specified I mean the image is
just genrically specified in the page and the aggregator can't assume
to know what it is.

The point is as a result all the blip feeds look great on mefeedia,
but all people's primary feeds have no thumbnails specified.

If blip specified the thumbnails using the "rel=thumbnail" standard
when crossposting to people's vlogs that information would make it
into the RSS feed where it could be picked up by any aggregator.

The bottom line is this... more semantic data = a prettier and more
useful vlogosphere for everyone.

So... who's with me?  Josh K?  Mike H., Justin, and the Blippers? Lisa
Rien, Mary Hodder and the dabblers?   Do we have someone representing
feedburner here?

On top of this I'd like to take a look at what other information is
getting specified in blog posts, such as that that blip is collecting,
that's not making it into the mediaRSS and why not.

Again, 99% of vloggers specify a thumbnail in their blog post, but
these thumbnails aren't making it into the mediaRSS because there's no
way to semantically specify it in the blog post. Rel=thumbnail is the
simplest way i can think of to accomplish this.

Jay, you said you recently took a look at mediaRSS. What sort of
metadata are you talking about, what metadata do you want to specify?
Can you give a few examples of what your clients might find
particularly interesting?

I'm afraid that other than developing this and other microstandards
that can be specified right in the blog post, rich meta information
will continue to get missed untill the major blogging platforms like
Blogger, Wordpress, and Moveable type support mediaRSS by default.

Oh, and  you should also note that Yahoo video search will pick up
these thumnails too if we can get feedburner to support this proposed
RelThumbnail standard.

Are there any other major search engines or services I'm forgetting
about that aggregate mediaRSS for search and such?


On 12/3/06, Jay dedman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Here's the MRSS spec:
> >  <>
> >  It was developed by Yahoo! with a lot of collaboration from a
> >  community of contributors, including many folks on this list.
> >  FeedBurner supports MRSS in a pretty limited way -- really just as an
> >  addition to the enclosure element. includes a lot of MRSS
> >  metadata in their feeds, including support for media thumbnails and
> >  alternate versions of each video (FLV, Quicktime, etc.).
> >  Is there something in particular you want to do with MRSS?
> yep....i saw the spec, but am having a hard time fitting my brain around it.
> I am working with a group of Community TV stations that are starting
> to upload and trade TV programs for playback around the country.
> They want to attach a lot of metadata into their they are
> asking if Media RSS could help them. Questions I have do
> they create feeds that attach all this info into their feed?
> Do they need to make their feeds by hand?
> right now, they are just uploading to their own servers...and using
> Drupla to create their feeds.
> Jay
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