You hit upon what I think is the missing factor in this thread....the 
viewers.....and that was whom I was talking about when I started this 
thread, the average joe or jane who goes online to view videos, when 
they go online they think YouTube because that is all that they have 
heard, with all respects to Yahoo's buyout of in 1999, 
who in the general public heard of prior to Yahoo 
buying them out?  I would venture a small handful.  It is the general 
public I talk about a lot when I think about these things....

To the average person, the one who knows nothing of RSS feeds, 
subscribing to blogs, heck they don't even know what a blog is, 
honestly most don't.  Come to Cincinnati, stop 10 people random on 
the street, I bet 1 maybe 2 have heard of RSS or a blog...but ask 
them if they have heard of YouTube?  I would bet it's half...(sure 
that is just a guess, I suppose I will have to go downtown with my 
camera and ask them)

That doesn't mean I think YouTube is the best place for videos, I 
don't, personaly I want people to come to my site.  But that's me, 
all I can do is one step at a time try and teach people the 
differance and why sites like Blip are better.  

But the average joe wants to turn on the tv and look at a guide and 
channel surf, and YT is good for that, for better for worse....


--- In, "Mark Day" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> Ha! Now I have your attention.... (ahem)
> My comments were summarising some general sentiments that I seem to 
> noticed rather than intended to point to anyone in particular.
> I would agree with Mike that there is a "broader dialogue" outside 
> YouTube which YouTubers who never leave the walled garden don't 
> in.  But it's also true that there's a large and vibrant dialogue 
going on
> *within* YouTube which (I'm generalizing...).  Now, to be fair, a 
lot of
> that dialogue is YouTubers talking to other YouTubers about 
YouTubey things
> (as opposed to, say, videobloggers talking to video bloggers about 
> bloggy things...). But still.
> I guess having one foot in one camp and a toe dipped tentatively in 
> other (thanks in no small part to, about whom i cannot say 
> etc.....) I am just seeing what looks (to my superficial eyes) to 
be some
> small patches of itchy irony.
> As for the "destination blog/vlog" vs. the live journal blog 
analogy.... I
> agree that the 'top tier' blogs (in something of a self perpetuating
> system...) sit above the proletariat (ahem), and the same could be 
true for
> video blogs.   Would I like to migrate all my subscribers somewhere 
I could
> monetize my work? Sure.  Do I think, at this point, that there are 
enough of
> them, and that enough of them would follow to make a tactical 
> from YouTube worth my while?  Probably not.  Perhaps Malcolm 
Gladwell could
> identify the dozen people who would have to leave YouTube for a 
> Point style collapse, but I fear I'm not one of them...
> Am I going to be tarred by the bush of "YouTuber" as my content 
> other places?  It may be too late for that.  Or it may not.
> One thing I think is interesting is that I read a lot about how the 
> is increasingly "invisible" (ie taken for granted) by the current
> generation, with media distinctions essentially blurring.  And I'm 
> here that, if anything, more media distinctions are what's called 
for. Hmmm.
> Meanwhile, I do actually sort of understand what an RSS feed does.  
I can't
> for the effing life of me figure out what "feedburning" it will do.
> Although anything involving fire is always fun.
> Cheers
> MD
> & etc. etc.
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