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On 12/5/06, schlomo rabinowitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>   Ok Dan, I finally looked at your site and I am very interested in the
> following addys.
> Your list inspired me to make that leap into the fray, construct some
> shows and fulfill my artistic potential while making a living.
> I hope I'm offering enough, but if not, we can make some sort of deal
> in profit-sharing. Believe me when I say this: This is easy money in
> the bag. You see that bag? ITS FULL OF MONEY PICK IT UP.
> For $40 each:
> PLASTICSURGERYVLOGS.COM - I've seen that Doctor 90210 (have you seen
> it:, and I think something
> that really delves into the heart of pastic surgery will revolutionize
> this new medium. It's a belly chockfull of dough and I'm going to
> give it a tummytuck and suck out all the loot.
> VLOGGINGFORCASH.COM - this is the moneymaker. It can go in so many
> ways my head feels like its spinning. It's a gameshow; it's a
> tutorial; its Tony Robbins for Web2.0. I can't believe someone hasn't
> picked it up yet.
> VOYEURVLOGS.COM - I can't believe you haven't gotten rid of this yet.
> I have enough footage to fill this site up but full. Seriously.
> MONEY. Here. In this site. I can make a network of Vloggers that
> will produce the content for this without breaking a sweat. Everyone
> likes the Gonzo style of voyeurism, and this ties with many of the
> people who post videoblogs.
> Let me know where we go from here. These are the domains I've been
> waiting for to make that big leap into full-featured Internet
> Television.
> thanks
> Schlomo

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