Give it up for content y'al!

I certainly lust after an HD television. Our friend has a sweet 42" Panasonic
and we're always in awe of the HD experience.

So... what does that have to do with videoblogging? Not a whole lot today,
not something most vloggers need to worry about. But tomorrow is coming

Rocketboom has their stuff in HD. I shoot on a Sony HC1 which is small
and not very expensive. However I hardly ever edit in HD - I basically think
of it as a really good SD camera with sharp detail. But I've got that footage in
HD should I have an opportunity to show a video on TV, or in a theater, or

Strangely enough, I'm considering ditching the HC1 for a Panasonic DVX.
I just love the 24p look, and the gamme curves (or whatever) that just look

--- In, "Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen" <[EMAIL 
> 1) Shoot using the cheapest camera you can find.
> 2) Embrace compression artifacts.
> 3) Rejoice, send me a link and spend the money you save on things that  
> actually matter (hint: it's not a green screen).
> - Andreas
> Den 18.12.2006 kl. 01:58 skrev Joshua Paul <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > Not completely on topic, but not off either. I just posted an entry
> > on my blog. In a nutshell, I don't care about HD...just good content.
> >
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