Good morning,
  I'm brand new to the list. I've posted this to the PADG and Archives 
list as well, but I wanted to get your thoughts on how your institution 
may be handling VHS tapes. We used to have a policy in place where we 
would play these tapes to prevent packing, but this hasn't been done in 
years. Is anyone still doing this? Are you converting VHS tapes to DVD 
or are you converting them for streaming? Are you replacing these where 
appropriate (within the constraints of copyright law? How often do you 
weed, if at all, and how do you "persuade" selectors to work with these 
collections and make decisions? Are there any other strategies you're 
using for evaluating existing collections?
 Also, how are you following or dealing with copyright issues relating 
to this subject. I appreciate any help. Thanks.     --Andy

Andrew J. Damico
Preservation Librarian
Fondren Library - MS44
Rice University
6100 S. Main St.
Houston, TX 77005 -1892
PH:     713-348-2602
FAX:    713-348-5862

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