Hi Jean,
We went through this process over the past 5 years.  We've been integrated into 
the Library system now for over a year and it's working well.

We order all videos using the library acquisitions system, we catalogue all of 
our videos on the library catalogue and did a retrospective cataloguing project 
with OCLC, and we moved into a new library in the Fall 2012 whereby the media 
library was integrated with the visual and performing arts library service 
point - where many special formats are held including: videos, sound 
recordings, art and theatre vertical files, the Music Dept's ensemble music 
collection, a small selection (20/21st century)of our previous slide 
collection, new and extensive current and retrospective video game collections, 
and other mixed media kits and such.  Our videos and sound recordings are now 
all browsable whereas previously they were staff mediated.  The video 
collection has a one-week circulation period (with self-checkout next to 
service desk) with a large media reserve collection which is in-house use only 
for students but one-week loan for faculty (mediated check-out at same service 
desk).  In addition, we acquired the booking module that went with our ILS 
(SirsiDynix) in order to be able to book videos in advance for classroom 
viewings and circulation by faculty.  We no longer deliver to the classroom; 
they have to pick up and return the videos.

Our collection development is driven by faculty requests mainly with some 
requests coming from subject librarians and students.  We still order from 
vendors and amazon.  Jobbers and approval plans don't work for us.  The staff 
member from the previous media library still does the ordering - just on the 
library's system now; she continues to be able to order videos in a timely 
manner.  One of the acquisitions staff members is a resource person for the 
video acquisitions staff member and competently backs her up in the her 
absences. I hear on this listserv that some of you negotiate discounts with 
vendors by e-mail; this is something that we don't do much of.  The media 
library cataloguer moved into the Library's metadata services department and 
still catalogues videos - as well as other formats such as games.  We feel 
fortunate that she knows the urgency to catalogue videos required for classes 
according to priority as she used to work some hours on the media library 
service desk.  Faculty have adjusted to the new services.  They really like 
some aspects such as the browsable collection and the more stable budget that 
the Library offers (video faculty requests are almost always ordered).  Still, 
moving through the whole library process from ordering to being available on 
the shelf does take somewhat more time than it used to and we are somewhat less 
able to meet individual instructor demands.

Hope this helps.  Feel free to contact me with any questions as this was one of 
my projects with collaborations across the library and media departments.

Marilyn Nasserden
Music and Art Librarian
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University of Calgary
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Good Afternoon,

Our Media Library has recently merged with the Main Library on campus. Prior to 
this we were not under the administration of the Library.  Thus we did not use 
the Acquisitions Module for ordering materials. I ordered materials through the 
vendors, Amazon, wherever I could find them not through jobbers or approval 
plans.  This worked well for us in that we were able to order materials quickly 
(depending on the money left), check them and have them cataloged in a timely 
fashion and to the faculty who ordered them, often on short notice.  I realize 
that as we are part of the Library system now, things will change.  I'm 
wondering if anyone has experienced something similar. How did you incorporate 
media purchases?  How did you make the decision about who would do the 
ordering. All of this is up in the air at this point, but I'd love to have some 
information from anyone who has gone through this type of change.  Thanks in 
advance for your help.  I have searched the archives and do have most of the 
posts up to 2010.


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