All true (though there is no mention of streaming in the law and one rarely can 
purchase a stream outright, so I'm not sure it would really qualify as an 
unused copy in the same way a tangible item would. Also, it is considered a 
"replacement" copy in the language of the law. A "preservation" copy is one 
made from a unique item, which is dealt with in a different part of 108). 
Please use the Section 108 Spinner. It can help you understand all the criteria 
for this and other exceptions under 108.


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Hi Christine
My understanding of USCode Section 108 is that if your titles are deteriorating 
and unavailable for purchase or streaming in new condition, you can simply make 
preservation copies.  You don't need to seek permission.  There are caveats 
(in-library use only, etc.), but you can do it.


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Subject: [Videolib] Developmental Psychology docs

Hi Folks,

I've had a request to investigate the possibility of duplicating the following 
VHS titles as they are no longer being distributed and our VHS copies are 
deteriorating.  Would anyone know the contacts for the following that I may 
request permission to duplicate?

1. Back from Madness: The Struggle for Sanity.
HBO series, Films for the Humanities & Sciences- no longer available through 
FilmsMediaGroup / Meridian Films

2. Developmental Psychology: Video Collection. Published by Scientific American 
Frontiers, Worth Publishers. ISBN: 1-57259-231-1 NOTE: The individual segments 
are available as streams on CHEDD ANGIER 
(  but PBS does not have the 
complete SAF series available for sale.
Tape 1. Bringing up monkey ; Teaching computers to think [AKA Machines Who 
Think(?)] ; Tackling a killer disease ; Bypass genes ; Baby body sense ; The 
magic years ; Talkin' babies [AKA Babbling Babies] ; Born to talk ; A change of 
mind [AKA Changing Minds]-
Tape 2. Virtual fear ; Mind reading ; Smart glasses ; Severed corpus callosum 
[AKA Right Brain vs Left Brain] ; Remembering what matters ; True or false? ; 
What's in a dream ; Old brain, new tricks [AKA New Brain - Old Tricks].

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Chris McNevins

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