It's very clear that we disagree. 
Bill Carter wrote: ' The author's theory may not convince all guitarists but
he is, again, very respectful of the reader's intelligence and urges each to
make his own choice.'
Like they say in France: 'C'est le ton qui fait la musique'.

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I have read it and   I am very disturbed by some of the foolish things you
have said in it.   In particular your comments on the Gallot ms. which are
inaccurate and misleading and the "tortured" (Bill Carter's word not mine!)
section on Corbetta's dots and the rest of his notation.   I hope other
people will read my article which does present a more balenced and properly
researched and illustrated view of Corbetta's notation and dissonance.  You
have clearly read my original article and have commented on some of the
issues I raised it in a disingenious way. 

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In Monica's article, my writings on the matter are discussed at length. For
a more balanced picture, one should read my book....


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   If anyone is interested I have now put a revised and slightly enlarged
   version of my article "Dissonance in the guitar music of Francesco
   Corbetta" which was included in Lute vol. 47 (2007) on my web page
   [1] .  It is Section IV on the page devoted to

   A happy and prosperous New Year to you all.





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