Thanks for the explanations!

It would be really nice to have a directory somewhere where
one could put pngs that correspond to one's Garmin custom
waypoint symbols (Custom 1, Custom 2, etc.) and have those
show up automatically for each waypoint with a 
corresponding "sym" tag in it.

Thanks for your help!

        Harry McGavran

On Tue, 7 Jun 2011 10:12:32 +0200 Guilhem Bonnefille wrote:
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2011/6/7 Robert Norris <>:
>> I've been playing with trying to get Garmin symbols
>> between my Garmin 60CSx and Viking 1.2.
>> Normally I dowload gpx files with gpsbabel from the Garmin
>> in file them on my computer. Later with Viking I load
>> those files (and maps). Viking has never displayed the symbols,
>> but playing around with 1.2 in the waypoint sub layers is a dialog
>> for selecting the symbol. The symbols shown are the same ones
>> to choose from whether or not I've just loaded the gpx file OR
>> I've used Viking to download the GPS layer from my GPS and
>> the type is "garmin" in that dialog box.
>> Yet, when I peruse the source, the images for the the Garmin GPSs
>> seem to be there, but they do NOT show up in the above dialog.
>> My symbols for most of my waypoints is the Blue Flag and that symbol
>> is in the source, but never shows up in the display of symbols to choose
>> from. I would think since the "show symbols" box is checked that
>> Viking would look up "Flag, Blue" and notice it was a garmin symbol
>> and just display it -- so I must be doing something wrong.
>> Suggestions????
> Viking has two sets of icons, 'Small' & 'Large' - which one can select via
> the global preferences 'Use large waypoint icons'
> Unfortunately the graphics of each set is not complete, so for some
> combinations - such as in your case of
> 'Small' and Blue Flag - there is no icon available and so it falls back to
> just drawing a dot.
> Perhaps one day I'll generate a corresponding large/small icon for the ones
> where we have only one of them. This should be quite quick and easy.
> I suppose this really should be done for flag/pin/block icons as these tend
> to be the default garmin icons.

I have a long living idea in my TODO list about icons:
reuse/extend/contribute a prepackaged set of icons.
OpenStreetMap project provides such a set:
And they are already packaged (at least for Debian):

A sister project already use these icons: GPSDrive. Here is an overview:

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Harry G. McGavran, Jr.


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