Charles E Campbell Jr wrote:
A.J.Mechelynck wrote:

Can't select bottom window by mouse-clicking

Happens every time. How to reproduce:
1. :set ch=2 wmh=0 wh=9999 " don't know if relevant
2. Open at least two horizontally split windows
3. Make some window current, other than the bottom one
4. Click the bottom status line.

Actual result:
Nothing happens.

Expected result:
Bottom window should become current, as with ^Wb

Additional info:
- Selecting by mouse works for any window other than the bottom one.
- ":version" output:


My gvim worked as expected (ie. the window associated with the clicked on
status bar became current).  I did it both with my usual settings and with

 gvim -u NONE -U NONE -N somefile

Does it still happen when you try gvim with the " -u NONE -U NONE -N" arguments? (I'm using Huge version with GTK2 GUI... on a FC5 linux box)

Chip Campbell

No it doesn't (and I'm using almost the same as yours, i.e., Huge version 7.0.42 with GTK2-GNOME GUI) on SuSE Linux 9.3 Professional.

With my own vimrc I get it even with no editfile.

A little experimenting shows that the e flag must be absent from 'guioptions' for the bug to manifest. Here's a new testcase:

  gvim -N -u NONE
    :set go-=e stal=2 wmh=0 wh=999

Now click on both status lines in alternation and see what happens. (Clicking inside the bottom window does select it, but with ":set wmh=0 wh=999" this is usually not possible.)

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